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We are here to help you. Call us: +63917 5714597

We are here to help you. Call us:
+63917 5714597

Who We are

The Nazareth Formation House

Our Founders

Bob Garon

Bob Garon is hailed as the “father of the Therapeutic Community (TC) in Asia” due to his role in pioneering the TC modality approach to drug rehabilitation in 1972 when he set up DARE Foundation. There he met his wife Emmy. He brought the TC approach to the Philippines from Daytop Village in New York and modified it to suit the Filipino culture and temperament. He then helped set up the TC in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Nepal, and Malaysia. Today, it is now the official government endorsed approach to rehabilitation. Formerly a UNESCO Commissioner on Communication, he has written extensively in the field of drug abuse, sexual abuse, the family and other related topics in his series of published books as well as newspaper columns (see The Manila Times). He was a marriage counselor for over 40 years. At Nazareth, he was working full time in the psychotherapy area of the program and uses his skills as a certified hypnotherapist to create change and heighten awareness up until his passing in October of 2021. He was an advocate of education on child sexual abuse and sex addiction and had been a guest speaker on these topics among others for many years. His work can be viewed on his website: www.bobgaron.com

Emmy Garon started working in the field of drug rehabilitation when she was 19 years old and went on to become the first Filipina to direct a drug program in the Philippines. She is an experienced educator and co-founder of Golden Values school (together with Bob), established since 1979 (www.goldenvaluesschool.com) and is a former UNESCO Commissioner on Education. She was also appointed as the first Deputy Executive Director for Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) for the Philippine’s Council on Welfare of Children (CWC) from 2002-2003. She obtained her Master’s degree in educational management and is currently working on her PhD in Education with a major in educational leadership and management from St. Joseph’s College. As the Executive Director of Nazareth, she works very closely in the program, administration and in parents’ education. Both husband and wife believe and live the TC concepts in their own lives and in how they have raised their two daughters Vanessa who runs Golden Values School and Alexandra, who helps manage Nazareth Formation House.

Emmy Garon

Our Staff

The Nazareth Staff Team is composed of highly trained and deeply dedicated individuals in the profession of nursing, social work, education, pastoral care, medicine, counseling and psychology. All program staffers who finished the Nazareth program are required not only to finish their college degrees, but to pursue higher levels of education in the field of counseling and psychology as well. Being a Nazareth staffer is considered a vocation and a sincere commitment. Our team of psychologists, doctors, social workers, priest, nurses, teachers, and counselors provide the highest possible standards of care and service both to the residents and their families.


Our Facilities