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We are here to help you. Call us: +63917 5714597

We are here to help you. Call us:
+63917 5714597


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From Parents and Family Members

14 years ago I made that painful decision of bringing my son, into rehabilitation. At that time I knew that it was the best decision I would make, to give him a second chance at a better life no matter how painful it would be for me since it was almost Christmas then. The journey to recovery was not easy for the whole family. It was long, with so many sharp curves, ups and downs but we trusted the program and worked with them knowing one day he will finish the program.

Fast forward, today my son has been sober for 14 years. As a mother with a son in recovery, I remain vigilant and alert but we also get to enjoy his presence in family gatherings, special occasions and outings. Actually, just simply being home with the family, doing chores, sharing stories is already a big blessing. I am so happy that I chose Nazareth Formation House and the Garon family to help my son get well. I thank God for giving him a second chance at life, to the Garon family and the Nazareth family for never giving up on him and am grateful too that he still continues to be better and embrace the road to recovery! The journey continues and I pray and hope in God’s grace it will continue to be a beautiful one.

I used to think that to help my son, I had to give in to whatever he asked of me. I thought that this would make him feel I was a kind and supportive father someone he could always
depend on. But after attending the seminars and listening to other parents share their own experiences, have learned that this is “enabling” my son in his bad choices and habits, and that it is the opposite of what he needs to be able to recover from his addictions.

I am also learning that there are different stages in the recovery process, and that each stage needs its own balance of being supportive of his needs, confronting and clarifying his issues, challenging his times of denying and back-sliding, encouraging him to get up again after falling down, and motivating him to keep trying his best.

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