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We are here to help you. Call us: +63917 5714597

We are here to help you. Call us:
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The second phase (after living in the center) of the program is re-entry which dictates that the resident will now begin to enter society in a gradual process.

We believe that creating change in the person is not enough; the environment that he or she will return to needs to be modified as well.

Spirituality is a major part of the program which we believe is a must in every part of an individual’s recovery because it is vital in conscience building.

Psychotherapy at Nazareth is an integrative method of therapy that is implemented with tools such as psychoeducation, individual psychotherapy, group therapy and family systems.

Track 1

For individuals struggling with substance or behavioral addictions who are usually involuntary to treatment, this program aims to work on and resolve high levels of resistance. Due to the nature of the clients entering this program, family involvement is a requirement.

Track 2

Normally a short-term program for individuals who are professionals and would like to seek help for their addiction and are strongly motivated to change. Family participation is encouraged but not a requirement for this program.

Track 3

Meant for teens and young adults struggling mainly with gadget or internet addiction, while others with psychiatric diagnosis, this program focuses on stabilizing adolescents and teaching them structure in daily living. It also works closely with family members and parents within therapy in the closely supervised re-integration program. In addition, adolescents are also required to continue with their education while in treatment under the supervision of the Center’s full-time teacher combining treatment with ongoing education.

Track 4

This is designed for individuals coming from circumstances such as psychiatric diagnosis, or specialized populations such as particular developmental populations. However, since the facility is an open facility, certain criteria must be fulfilled to be considered as eligible for the program. A one on one session with our Admissions staff must be done in order for cases to be assessed thoroughly.