Bob Garon
Brief info

Bob Garon is hailed as the "father of the Therapeutic Community (TC) in Asia" due to his role in pioneering the TC modality approach to drug rehabilitation in 1972 when he set up DARE Foundation. There he met his wife Emmy. He brought the TC approach to the Philippines from Daytop Village in New York and modified it to suit the Filipino culture and temperament. He then helped set up the TC in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Nepal, and Malaysia. Today, it is now the official government endorsed approach to rehabilitation. Formerly a UNESCO Commissioner on Communication, he has written extensively in the field of drug abuse, sexual abuse, the family and other related topics in his series of published books as well as newspaper columns (see The Manila Times). He was a marriage counselor for over 40 years. At Nazareth, he was working full time in the psychotherapy area of the program and uses his skills as a certified hypnotherapist to create change and heighten awareness up until his passing in October of 2021. He was an advocate of education on child sexual abuse and sex addiction and had been a guest speaker on these topics among others for many years. His work can be viewed on his website: