Emmy Garon
Brief info

Emmy Garon started working in the field of drug rehabilitation when she was 19 years old and went on to become the first Filipina to direct a drug program in the Philippines. She is an experienced educator and co-founder of Golden Values school (together with Bob), established since 1979 (www.goldenvaluesschool.com) and is a former UNESCO Commissioner on Education. She was also appointed as the first Deputy Executive Director for Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) for the Philippine’s Council on Welfare of Children (CWC) from 2002-2003. She obtained her Master's degree in educational management and is currently working on her PhD in Education with a major in educational leadership and management from St. Joseph's College. As the Executive Director of Nazareth, she works very closely in the program, administration and in parents' education. Both husband and wife believe and live the TC concepts in their own lives and in how they have raised their two daughters Vanessa who runs Golden Values School and Alexandra, who helps manage Nazareth Formation House.