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We are here to help you. Call us: +63917 5714597

We are here to help you. Call us:
+63917 5714597


I was a ticking bomb, ready to damage my life and the lives of others. But it was Nazareth that brought me back to life, gave me back my conscience by teaching me to become sensitive again, and taught me…


I was young and I didn’t know how to cope properly with life’s pressures. Growing up with the expectation of having to be perfect in every possible aspect of my life suffocated me and drove me to deviate not just…


Nazareth taught me 3 things: Gratefulness for a supportive and loving family, Sensitivity to my brothers and sisters and the biggest learning is having Self-worth. Z. – Recovering from substance addiction


Eight years ago, I completely lost my sense of direction in life. I have acted immorally and struggled with several vices, including drug addiction, obsessive drinking, smoking, and many more. My actions had gotten out of control. This affected my…


Life is beautiful, they said. I did not believe this until I went into recovery. Recovery made me realized that life is a constant journey between choosing what is right, and learning from my wrongs. The beauty in the road of…