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We are here to help you. Call us: +63917 5714597

We are here to help you. Call us:
+63917 5714597

How Addiction Starts

We have treated addicts who used drugs for some 25 years. All of them began using in high school. All of them began by dabbling with drugs. They did not become addicts overnight. But because they were not turned around in their youth, when the problem was still manageable, they sank deeper and deeper into the hellhole of addiction until their lives spun totally out of control.

Woes of a Drug Addict

One of the obstacles to the rehabilitation of the drug addict is the lack of desire. By the time the addict gets into serious drug use, drugs have become an integral part of his life. In fact, he has built a whole new lifestyle around his drugs.

Motivations as the First Step (Part 2)

The greatest challenge facing the addiction therapist is to motivate the addict to want to change. The addict may be a victim, but he is a willing victim. He like his dope and when he enters rehab, it isn’t because he truly wants to change, even if he says he does. Rarely does a man come into treatment of his own accord. There is almost always a measure of pressure coming from the family or the courts.