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Accepting Homosexual Children (Part 3 of 4)

Part 3 of 4 Parts

It is quite clear that, based on numerous studies, homosexuality is not a disease, nor is it a psychological disorder. It wasn’t always seen as such. Not so long ago, homosexuals were seen as sick people who needed to be cured. Not anymore. Sure, there are those who still see gay people as sick and abnormal, but serious scientists no longer share that thinking. The American Psychiatric Association has removed homosexuality from the list of disorders.


“There is, in fact, a broad consensus that homosexuality is ‘constitutional’—in other words, that being gay, like being straight, is a natural, unchangeable part of who a person is inside. This is very important because it suggests, among other things, that in raising our sons, there is nothing we as parents can do or not do that somehow cause our child to ‘become’ either homosexual or heterosexual. While environmental factors, such as parenting, can of course influence the developmental experience of boys both gay and straight, they seem to have relatively little impact on what his genuine sexual orientation will ultimately be- that is, on whether as an adult he will feel primarily drawn to a man or a woman as the healthy object of his love and affection.’” (William Pollack, Ph. D.)


As the search for the roots of homosexuality sexuality goes on, it is becoming clearer that one’s sexual orientation whether heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual is inborn. Research has shown that identical twins that were separated at birth and raised apart, without seeing each other, were found to be homosexual. This is a very interesting study because it lends credence to the theory that homosexuality is inborn. If this is so as I believe it is, then there is nothing that we can do to change this, no matter how hard we try. And God know how great and diverse have been the efforts to change homosexuals and “cure” them. Though some people say they have cured homosexuals, their claims have not been substantiated by serious studies.


 I have dealt with so many gay people and I can tell you none was ever “cured” despite the superhuman efforts to change them. Perhaps those who were said to have changed were bisexuals who made strong and successful efforts (at least for a while) to direct their attention to the opposite sex.

As the evidence in favor of the inborn theory piles up homosexuals increasingly face the reality that they were born gay and that their sexual orientation is not some evil choice or depravity.


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