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Accepting Homosexual Children (Conclusion)


Parents of homosexual and lesbian children have the choice to love or to reject them and the earlier they recognize what homosexuality is all about, the sooner they will be able to avoid much of the unnecessary pain that these young people have to bear as they grow into adulthood.

The truth of the matter is that most children will suffer from alienation from the ones they love the most due to their parents’ refusal to accept them for what and who they truly are.

What should parents do when they see early signs homosexual behavior? First, they should get educated and learn as much as possible about homosexuality. There are countless books and articles available and parents should make use of them. The more parents know about homosexuality, the less are they apt to embrace many misconceptions about it. they will learn that there is a lot more to homosexuality than sex. they will understand that not all homosexuals are the same, and that their thinking is not uniform. like heterosexuals, they have the same capacity to love and to care.

Parents need to look into themselves and examine their own views and biases about gays. They should be open to accepting that their thinking about homosexuals might be flawed and far off the mark. For example not all gay are effeminate. same are rugged individuals who excel in sports.

They need to understand that their behavior towards their gay child might have lasting repercussions on them far into adulthood that can last a lifetime. I have worked with many gay men and women who, because of the lack of love and acceptance they experienced as children and teenagers because of their sexual orientation, never forgive their parents and keep strong feelings of hatred for them long after they passed away.

To avoid this, it is important that parents hold their fire and not react negatively by trying to force their youngsters to change and become heterosexual.

Lastly, let me tell you that homosexuals are just as capable of great love as anyone else. I have seen gay people form deep and lasting love relationships with family and friends and watched them remain loyal and true. I know this because I have many good friends who are gay. They too have a right to be here.

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