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Addiction can cause severe brain damage

You have perhaps read a lot about drug addiction, but you might not know that new information about the damage done to addicts is being made public all the time. 

For example, new findings from researchers state that “drug addiction harms the addict physically, psychologically, spiritually and or socially. it is now possible to visualize areas of damage to the brain from many abused substances. The use of ecstasy, for example, has been shown to cause chronic defects in the brain with long-lasting impairment of the mental functions. Family members and significant others are severely affected and hurt by the addiction.”

the reason why it is so difficult to treat drug addicts is because many of them truly suffer from damage to the brain. All abused drugs eventually go to the brain where the high is experienced. Drugs are chemicals and chemicals can have very toxic effects on the brain. We now know that drug abuse and addiction lead to long-term changes in the brain. These changes cause addicted drug users to lose the ability to control their drug use. The truth is that drug addiction is a disease. A disease that is complicated to treat when the addict has been abusing his drugs for a while.

For this reason, parents make a potentially deadly mistake when they take lightly the drug use of their children. Many parents wait, hope and pray that their children will outgrow their habit (addiction). Some do stop, but those who do not proceed to sink deeper and deeper into addiction.

Besides falling grades, dropping out of school, stealing, disrespectful behavior, fighting and many other misbehaviors, these youngsters continue to suffer brain damage, some of which can have long-term negative effects. Some studies indicate that certain drugs taken in substantial amounts can even cause permanent changes in parts of the brain.

What I’m saying is that parents who disregard the signs of drug usage are taking a dangerous risk of exposing their loved ones to severe damage not just to the spiritual and psychological makeup of their loved ones, but even to that vital organ, the brain.

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